Tested in Japan

VidaSystem® has also been tested in Japan for earthquake and typhoon safety according to Japanese standard, JAS 17. It is approved with a good margin and can therefore be recommended for areas with a history of seismic activity or where there is a risk for large vibrations or settings.

Tested at Wintech

Besides all the advantages that VidaSystem® brings in regards to design flexibility, it also provides an outstanding technical performance. VidaSystem® has been tested showing excellent results. The test was performed by Wintech Engineering Ltd. in the UK, which is an independent UKAS accredited test laboratory and a Notified Body assessing products and systems for CE-marking.

VidaSystem® successfully passed curtain walling requirements for weather tightness including air permeability, water penetration, air pressure, and resistance to mechanical impact.
VidaSystem® proved to be safe after test inspection and showed no failure during the test, which is essential to the safety performance of any glass facade.

VidaSystem® is classified according to BS EN 12152:2002 Class A4 for air permeability, resulted in Class R7 according to BS EN12154:2000 for water tightness test; and Class E5 and Class I5 in line with the BS EN 13049:2003 standard for resistance to mechanical impact.