Vida Company

Vida International AB was established in Gothenburg, Sweden. We supply patented structural glazing system – VidaSystem® which makes implementation of various glass facade designs easy. There is a wide range of solutions that could be delivered including glass facade system with point-fixed attachment, system with either transoms or mullions, glass mullions, tensions trusses etc. Different combinations are possible. The applications can vary including sloped glass facade constructions, curved or complex geometries facade designs, glass roofs, etc.

Vida International has the expertise to offer different solutions to meet different requirements. Our focus is to provide the best alternative for the customer to implement design idea into reality.

We support architects and designers with technical solutions and help you realize glass construction visions. As a consulting service, we supply drawings and material specifications for our flexible system solutions.

To secure quality, we provide installation services, building construction, maintenance and repair services and co-operate with silicone thermal pane suppliers.