Thermal insulating capacity and recycling properties are two features that receive a great deal of attention when designing today’s buildings. From ecological perspective, VidaSystem® will always enable you to choose an installation alternative among the best the market can offer.

To achieve good U-values in glass facades is essential. A low U-value not only gives us economic and ecological advantages through less heating or cooling being required, it also gives us greater indoor comfort with more even temperatures within a room. VidaSystem® is designed to improve insulating capacity of a glass facade and to contribute to the energy efficiency of a building.

High performance energy saving glazing, triple glazing, elimination of cold bridges and improved insulating capacity are some of the advantages that VidaSystem® provides.

Sustainability is the company’s concern. A great deal of attention is paid to the company’s activities and resources are used in the most environmentally friendly way. All material used in the system is recyclable and, in addition, some used materials are recycled.