Our Products

VidaSystem® utilizes modern glazing techniques providing a smooth plain surface, excellent thermal insulating capacity and aesthetic appearance.

Developed by experienced glass construction designers, VidaSystem® ensures outstanding quality and facilitates innovative and ideal glass construction visions. The elimination of cold bridges, utilisation of warm-edge technique, heavy loads capacity and high flexibility are some of the benefits that VidaSystem® provides.

There are various system solutions to chose, for example:

VidaPoint® fixed glazing, provides not only hi-tech design, but also proved security in seismically active zones and typhoon affected areas.

VidaApply® with concealed mechanical fixings and slim profiles provides ultimate transparency and design freedom

VidaBeam® is a complementary solution with self supporting profiles.To secure quality, we provide installation services, building construction, maintenance and repair services and co-operate with silicone thermal pane suppliers.

VidaFlam®, the first fire-rated system on the market with Vetrotech’s Contraflam 30, double and triple-glazed insulating glass units. The system fulfills El 30 both inside and outside, EW 60 outside, and protection up to P5A in accordance with EN365.