VidaFlam® – fire-rated structural glazing facade

In 2023, it became clear that Vida International’s new structural glazing facade system passed the fire tests both inside and outside and is now classified according to EN 1364-3 and EN 13501-2.

You will always feel safe and secure when you choose VidaFlam®

Since its inception in 2002, Vida International has been working on continuous product development and safety testing, which has resulted in our new product, VidaFlam®, the first fire-rated system on the market with Vetrotech’s Contraflam 30, double and triple-glazed insulating glass units.

Same look and function – but now it´s fire-rated

In the development of VidaFlam®, it has been important from the beginning that the fire-rated system should be as similar in appearance as our other Vida systems. There is no difference between areas that are fire-rated and those that are not. The system fulfills El 30 both inside and outside, EW 60 outside, and protection up to P5A in accordance with EN365.

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